5 badly received Oprah premiere surprises

We all know Oprah is flying her studio audience from her season premiere to Australia to celebrate her last season on air.

But what if she didn’t choose Australia? What if her choice whipped her crowd into a different kind of frenzy?

Here’s five alternate Oprah surprises with crowd reaction:

1. Oprah: We’re going to McDonald’s!

Crowd member: Shit. I want a happier meal than that!

2. Oprah: We’re going on a silent retreat to find our spirit!

Crowd member: Koom bye nah.

3. Oprah: We’re going to Barnes and Noble to read Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom cover to cover!

Crowd member: Read this. “N” “O”. Motherfuckin way.

4. Oprah: We’re going to an organic farm to do a celery detox diet!

Crowd member: Aw Hell no!

5. Oprah: We’re going to an exclusive Kenny G concert!

Crowd member: Who’s that? Is he a new rapper?