Fun with in-flight magazine

Last night I was on a 5 hr flight, and in-between reading my book, thought I’d add my comments to ads and pictures in the airline’s in-flight magazine.

Here are my thoughts, which I left behind for the next passenger to read:


Circled main image with link to this copy:

Looks like an angel made of meat. Saint LaBoeuf!


Copy linked to woman in bed:

All these damn COMPUTER SCREENS!


Copy linked to raccoon:

Don’t be fooled by my fizzy drink and crewneck. I’ll be eating your garbage tonight!


Copy linked to guy climbing rock wall:

I’ve always wanted to climb a rock on a cruise ship!


Copy in painting: BEFORE

Copy next to guy: AFTER


Copy linked to guy:

Yes, you’re floating in thin air. Just read the paper! Don’t look down. Don’t look sideways. It’ll be over soon. Read the paper!


Copy linked to duck:

Look! Daffy Duck’s an asshole. Howard the Duck? Nice guy. That’s just how it is.



Wow. I’m a terrible draw-er. Supposed to be skull and crossbones flag. But looks like constipated John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.


Copy next to raccoon:

Noooo! Blue round thing is the Earth. Red round things is an apple. Earth. Apple. Got it?

I’d like to thank…

Izzie at the Whatever Factor gave me a Bloody Brilliant Blog award and asked in return I include seven facts about myself.  Thank you for the award, Izzie.

My seven facts:

1. I turn rabid around popcorn. I will shovel it by the armload and guard my popcorn bag like a dog does a raw steak.

2. Boxers and briefs.

3. I periodically ride entire subway trips standing, facing people only to find out, after getting off, my zipper was down.

4. My shadow once scared me.

5. I’ve survived 37 minor bicycle falls, 1 notable car accident and 1 major train derailment.

6. I live with one foot in my mouth.

7. I am guilty of all seven deadly sins