What is this?

An underused blog.

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty. The Internet is littered with them. And, since I’m assuming you’ve come upon them in your travels, I’m also going to assume you probably have some idea why I let it go.

Work. Life. New interests. Travel. Sure, they were all factors. But let’s be honest. Some people keep blogs going. They have a distinct theme, and pound away on it every day or two, and even have regular readers. These kinds of bloggers are really inspiring. If you’re one of them, I applaud you.

But, as you can see from the long gaps in my posts here, I’m not in your league. No, I’m pretty lazy the majority of the time. And in the moments when I’m not, I generally long for a time when I can be. And so, you can see how this affects things.

Will I turn it around? Now is the moment where I could tell you I will.

Picture this: It’s the bottom of the ninth, full count, my team’s down by a run with a runner on second and third, and  despite my advanced age, sore knees, abysmal batting average, and season long slump, I’ve started hitting well, and showing signs I’m not a lost cause.

All it takes is for me to hit a single to win the game.

I like a good luck story too. But I’ve also got to be honest. I can’t promise how this will turn out. Will I hit a single and become a blogoisseur cranking away updates every few days. Or like ye olde Casey, strike out by blogging once a year?

By this point I’m confident you’ve got a picture of what hasn’t been happening here. You know its prospects are firmly in my lazy hands. Will you return to see what’s happening? Follow me to check on progress? I leave that up to you. Regardless what you choose, however, I will say this:

Thank you for reading this far.

You’ve already given this blog more attention than I have today.



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