Global Warming TV Ad

(OPEN on a packed subway. Focus on guy holding subway bar and reading subway ads above him)

He stares at first ad which says:

Global warming is accelerating. Climates once thought to be stable are now increasingly unpredictable. (Show visual of receding glacier)

He stares at second ad which says:

The more these climates change – the smaller our planet becomes.

He stares at the third ad which says:

As the temperature goes up wildlife habitats go down, making it harder for animals to find food.

He stares at fourth ad which says:

By cutting the land we have to share with wildlife, it means there’s less room for all of us.

(Subway bell rings as an alert that the subway door is about to close. Just before it does, a polar bear wanders on the subway car. Everyone turns and screams. Mayhem.)

Camera pans down to ground where the following message appears:

Do your part. Cut down on carbon before it’s too late.

(Finish on screams)