10 funny “He could sell” lines
January 7, 2011, 8:30 am
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I recently read a different take on the clichéd line – “He could sell ice to an Inuit*” with “He could sell sawdust to a lumber mill”.

* Politically correct update

I thought, I’d add to the cliché crashing party with examples in two styles, the original – i.e. “Selling someone something they already have” and different – “Selling someone the opposite of what they need”.

Original style

 “He could….

 1. Sell plastic surgery to Joan Rivers.

 2. Sell a cape to Superman. 

3. Sell hay to a farmer. 

4. Sell wood to a forest. 

5. Sell religion to the Pope.


Different style

 “He could….

 6. Sell underwear to a nudist.

 7. Sell rope to a free climber. 

8. Sell a two-wheeled bike to a unicyclist.

 9. Sell crutches to an Olympic sprinter.

 10. Sell a cage to a lion.

 Bonus.  Sell atheism to a doorstep Jehovah.

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Sell bananas to a monkey

Comment by pj

Selling bananas to a monkey would be easy youve completely missed the point you Div

Comment by Dave


Comment by chali mack

I must have taken a wrong turn at Stupid-As-Fuck Lane

Comment by Andy

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Comment by

i can sell running shoes to a paraplegic

Comment by blackman

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