3 words with the wrong definition

Some words don’t fit their definition. Here’s three.

1. Bucolic

Actual definition – Of or relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life.

  • the church is lovely for its bucolic setting

Proposed definition: persistent coughing sickness that leaves a person alternating between barking like a seal and speaking in Satan’s drawl.

  • John’s bucolic condition terrified children during a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows screening.

2. Pulchritude

Actual definitionn. Great physical beauty and appeal

Proposed definition – The smell of something violently rotten and diseased. Ex. A dumpster of meat that’s liquefied on top of tuna carcasses.

  • The pulchritude coming from the chili-eating contestants after the competition made it difficult for onlookers to offer their congratulations.

3.  Phlegmatic

Actual definitionnot easily excited to action or display of emotion; apathetic; sluggish. Self-possessed, calm, or composed.

  • The phlegmatic boy didn’t even act excited for his birthday party.

Proposed definition –
someone who’s constantly blowing their nose.

  • One might mistake Mike for an alcoholic with his rough, reddened nose. However, he was merely phlegmatic – sporting a nose like Rudolf’s from the friction caused by blowing his nose 80 times a day.

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