Meditation internal monologue





Now what?

Damn. I’m thinking.

Be quiet.

Shhhhh. Fuck, again. Quit thinking.

I’m thinking about thinking. Quiet.

Okay. Let go – just let things go.




Wonder what’s on TV tonight?


3 thoughts on “Meditation internal monologue

  1. All 12-step and proactive mental health protocols call for meditation. I can’t get past what you have described here either. I think you gotta be from India or China . Anyway, old white guys like me don’t have a “prayer” at this stuff. (I know. I am horrible punner). I guess I should “think’ about meditation a lot more. Goodness in, anger out…..

    1. I think one approach is just allow your thoughts to pop away like kernels in a hot pot, until they’re done.

      That’s all. Hahha.

      It’s all just super simple when you write about it.:)

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