Doctors and lawyers need practice?

I was thinking. Isn’t it a bit troubling that doctors and lawyers refer to their work as a practice?
 “Oh boy. I snipped his carotid artery. That’s a gusher. Can you stitch that up Fred and replace the 3 pints he’s left on the floor? That’s embarrassing.

  I’ll start on his kidney surgery once you’re done. Whew, good lesson. Next time I’ll keep my scalpel on the table until I really need it. We’ll get it right next time. 

 How’s that stitch Fred? ”


“Has the defense procured the necessary paperwork  to exonerate the defendant from his charges? If not, you are aware, I will be forced to sentence him.”

 “I knew there was something I had to do before bed last night! No, your honour I don’t have the paperwork. Can I produce it later today?”

 “You know the law, you understand the consequence. I’m sentencing this man to 3 years in minimum security jail”

 (Gavel falls)

 Lawyer speaks to defendant: “My fault. Totally my fault. I was watching the Food network and got mesmerized. I’ll do better next time. I’ll knock the appeal out of the park. In the meantime, can I get a pillow for your cell?”

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