Five funny mannequin displays


Is this is a window display for a grocery store? A hardware shop? A men’s clothing store? Or a magic shop?

(Yes that’s a saw through an apple in the second photo.)


A men’s clothing store.

I didn’t speak with their window display art director, but was inspired by the design to think of some possible WTF mannequin displays for other stores:

  1. Huge 75% off sign. Next to it the head of a mannequin with 75% of its hair shaved off.

  2. 75% off sign with headline – “We’re cutting prices!” – Next to it a mannequin with a chainsaw, “sawing” away limbs of the other mannequin.

  3. “Massive Half off” sign with headline 50% off – Next to it one mannequin wearing only pants and shoes and another wearing only a shirt and hat.

  4. 70% off sign with headline “We’re smashing prices” – Next to it a mannequin leaning up against a sledgehammer with another mannequin head sitting on a pile of dust on the floor next to it.

  5. “Going out of business. Everything must go” sign dangling from the top of the display. Next to it a mannequin pointing a rifle at the sign.

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