Man joined G20 protests to fight one cause: boredom

“Sir, please tell me why you’re here today”, a reporter asks

“I smoked a bowl and was watching Saturday infomercials. But I’d seen them all before, and knew how they all ended. I flipped between channels and saw tons of people chanting, yelling and marching up the streets”.

 “So that spurred you on to stand up and fight against social injustice”, the reporter asks.

 “No, there was just nothing on TV”, he replies

 “So, then why are you here, sir?”, the reporter asks.

 “I spotted this guy in one of the crowds carrying this massive sign with the letters B and P in bold, followed by the slogan “BULLSHIT PSYCHOPATHS”.

 Oh okay. So you’re here to protest BP’s oil spill mismanagement?”, the reporter asked.

 “No – I want to use it as a band name. For one performance only, as part of their sold-out cross country tour. You know their loud, You know their dangerous. Ladies and Gentlemen: Bullshit Psychopaths! Such a great name.”

 “I see…”, the reporter replies.

 “People looked like they were having a good time, hanging out. I thought, shit, I’m gonna track down the dude with that slogan and ask his permission to use the name. His artwork’s not bad either”.

 “You mean the caricature of Tony Hayward with fiery red eyes holding a gas pump that’s shooting oil at flying ducks?”, the reporter asks.

 “Yeah that’s the one. Why do you call the guy Tony Hayward?”.

 “The caricature is based on BP’s CEO who was responsible for the oil spill”, the reporter answers.

 “Hahah. That’s a terrible rock star name. I’ll have to change that. That’s if I can find this guy”, guy cranes his neck looking above the crowd.

 “Good luck with your search”, reporter says

 “For sure, dude”

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