Anarchists rage against the oppression of plate glass

AAG – the unorganized, non-denominational, non-hierarchal, non-gender biased, non-sexual orientation-biased, non-ethnic biased, non-brand biased, non-hair colour biased, non-clothing colour biased, and non-colours of the world biased – Anarchist against glass sported their, inclusive, neutral clothing color – black – to express their rage against their sworn enemy in Toronto this past weekend:

 Plate glass.

 “It’s oppressive – it prevents us from seeing the world through our own eyes. Glass is a capitalist construct that needs to be removed. We vow to shatter this powerful illusion”, one of the anarchists claimed.

As they smashed window after window on storefronts, one anarchist exclaimed:

“Look inside people. We are giving you an unfiltered look at capitalist society. What do you see?”.

When someone replied: “Ummmm..I see the same clothing mannequin with clothes on that was behind the glass before”.

The anarchist responded: “Exactly. Now you see.”.

 “Am I missing something?”, the bystander was overheard saying to her friend:

Once the anarchists reached the end of their path of destruction a reporter commented to one  anarchist:

 “Hang on. You’re also wearing glasses”

The anarchist replied,  “Yes, yes, you notice, I also suffer from this windowed oppression. I too will throw off these plates of misery when the price is right.”

 “You mean, when the time is right in the heat of battle?”, the reporter responded

 “No, when the price is right. LensCrafters is having a sale on contact lenses in the next couple of months.”

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