Top five akward missent emails

1. “What are you wearing to the latex party tonight?” – sent to Boss who wasn’t invited.

2. “ I just got the results, I’m not pregnant. Thank Gaawd! Could you imagine how retarded a baby from the other John would be!” – sent to the other John.

3. “I think Francine has the mind of a donkey, the body of a hippo and smells like a sweat-dried baboon”. – sent to Francine.

 4. “Soo glad Joyce and Carl aren’t coming. Steak, steak, burgers and steak!  I’ll be searing bloody animal carcasses all afternoon, baby. Let the killing begin!!” – sent to Carl, a vegan and animal rights activist.

 5. “Kelly Jones. Oh yes, you will be mine. Saddle up”.  sent Reply all to office wide email asking who is attending company off-site.  Intended for one recipient. 


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