Top 5 funny things to do at a laundromat

1. Bring in a bundle of sheets with chicken bones inside it. Release the sheets and when the bones come out on the floor say:

“Fluffy!!! Noooo. Why didn’t you tell me you were in there!!”

2. Show up with what looks like bloodstained bedsheets, a shirt and a pair of jeans. Hold them up to show holes, which look like bullet holes. Ask someone: 

“Can I use this washer. I’m in a bit of a hurry.!”

3. Bring in an old lady and say:

“Excuse me is your washer taken. My grandmother needs a bath, and our plumbing’s out.”

4. Bring in a dish rack with dirty dishes and say:

“Oh, I won’t be a minute. I just need the extra force of the washer to get off this lasagna.”

5. Start piling the following things out of your pockets in plain view:

grainy Polaroid shots of someone in underwear, handcuffs, a whip, a rubber chicken, a rubber gerbil, pills, a ball gag, brass knuckles, nunchucks and a copy of 7 habits of highly effective people.


One thought on “Top 5 funny things to do at a laundromat

  1. 6. Wear a swimsuit and sit on a tall chair next to a sign that says “No diving.” Blow your whistle and shout, “No running,” when applicable.

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